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n3v.net is recognized leader in dedicated server management specializing in remote Linux Server and System Administration, Network Administration and Security, High Availability, Distributed Load Balancing, Data Backup and Recovery. n3v.netprovides affordable system administration and support to companies and individuals with dedicated and colocated servers

Linux Administration

System administration is the installation and maintenance of the Linux computer system. System administration covers all the things that you have to do to keep a computer system in usable order. It includes things like backing up files (and restoring them if necessary), security auditing, installing new and updated programs, making certain that the filesystem is not corrupted, and anything else that's required to make the system work and keep it running in a satisfactory manner.

Corporate Services

If your corporate servers or co-location needs our expert services, such as, non stop monitoring, backup and recovery plans, load balancer solutions, please look what n3v.netcan offer.

Random testimonial

I was looking for someone to upgrade my MySQL server to 4.1 and didnt want to tackle it myself. Victor from n3v.net was very quick, seemed very knowledgable and was also very friendly. He got thrown some curves in the way of older databases once the upgrade was done, but was able to handle everything no problem and had my server working again in no time. I will be contacting n3v.net again for more service in the future and would recommend them to anyone now. Thanks n3v.net!

Mike Bjerstedt
BC, Canada