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Fotis Georgatos < gef@hellug.gr>

Ekdosn 0.991127, 12-27-1999

Auto to keimevo periexei plnrofories gia tnv ru8misn tou Linux gia upostnri3n twv idiaiterotntwv twv Ellnvwv kai tns ellnvikns glwssas. This document is part of Hellenic (el) LDP project: http://www.hellug.gr/gr/howto/howto/pub/html/

1. Eisagwgn

2. Egkatastasn

3. Ru8miseis Ellnvikwv

4. Efarmoges

5. National Language Support

6. Tex/LaTex

7. Hlektrovikn tekmnriwsn kai biblia

8. To Linux stnv Ellada

9. FAQ

10. Pivakes xaraktnrwv, character sets

11. TODO

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