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These documents might prove helpful to understand the present one, or to open new horizons:

[Raymond 2000] E. S. Raymond, 2000, Installation-HOWTO .

How to obtain and install Linux software. It is the first document which a new Linux user should read to get started.

[Maor 1999] O. Maor, 1999, NFS-Root-Client Mini-HOWTO .

How to create client root directories on a server that is using NFS Root mounted clients.

[Kostyrka 1997] A. Kostyrka, 1997, NFS-Root Mini-HOWTO .

How to setup a 'disk-less' Linux workstation, which mounts its root filesystem via NFS.

[Harris et al. 1997] T. Harris and K. Koehntopp, 1997, Linux Partition HOWTO .

Teaches you how to plan and layout disk space for your Linux system.

[Dev 1998] A. Dev, 1998, CVS-RCS-HOWTO .

This document is a "practical guide" to very quickly setup CVS/RCS source code control system.

[Noronha Silva 2001] G. Noronha Silva, 2001, APT HOWTO .

Will help you understand how the Debian package management utility, APT, works.

[O'Donell 2002] C. O'Donell, 2002, The PARISC-Linux Cross Compiler HOWTO .

This is a semi-detailed guide for building a cross compiler toolchain targeting PA-RISC systems.

[Cornec 1997] B. Cornec, 1997, HP HOWTO .

Describes the use of products available in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) catalog with Linux and some free software.

[Perens et al. 1996] B. Perens, S. Rudolph, I. Grobman, J. Treacy, and A. Di Carlo, 1996, Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 Installation Documentation Index .

Will help you to install and configure your Debian GNU/Linux system.

[Debian Installer Team 2005] Debian Installer Team, 2004, 2005, Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Installation Documentation .

Will help you to install and configure your Debian Sarge GNU/Linux system.

[Vermeulen et al. 2006] S. Vermeulen, R. Marples, D. Robbins, C. Houser, and J. Alexandratos, 2006, Gentoo HPPA Handbook .

A must read for the wannabe Gentoo user.

[Brouwer 1993] A. Brouwer, 1993, The Linux keyboard and console HOWTO .

This note contains some information about the Linux keyboard and console, and the use of non-ASCII characters.

[HP Booting]  HP documentation: Booting Systems .

This is an HP document detailing booting procedures.